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Gluten-Free Flour Blends have Transformed my Baking

I well remember the first few years that I was gluten-free.  What a struggle!  I felt better  so that was good. However, my entire "cooking/baking" world turned upside down. Suddenly, all of the recipes I had for doughs, breads, yummy desserts  tried and true  were suddenly off limits.

Simple Gluten-Free Side Dish: Buckwheat Groats and Veggies

I love buckwheat for many reasons. For one, I honestly get tired of rice.  (Rice is in almost every single gluten-free substitute out there.)  Secondly, it's high in protein.  Also, it cooks pretty quickly.  So, tonight I made a new side dish for the first time, and it was a hit with everyone.  I will definitely be making this again.  I simply followed the instructions on the box of buckwheat groats to cook them.  I used broth (gluten-free vegetable broth) instead of water, and I tossed in a bunch of a garlic based spice combination that I like.

Two Gluten-Free Muffin Recipes

Lately I've been trying to come up with some new items for us to eat for breakfast.  Because my son is diabetic (diagnosed three months ago), I'm trying to experiment with more protein based flours (like coconut flour or almond flour).  Pinterest and friends have been great resources for new recipes.  I tried two new muffin recipes just this past week.  One was banana oat and the other was banana coconut.  Unfortunately, I forgot to add the sweetener to the banana oat muffins.

Super Easy Quinoa Salad Recipe

Arsenic in Rice: A Problem for People with Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance

Cooking Gluten-Free Grains

In my Living Gluten-Free for Dummies book (page 147), I found a great chart that goes over how long to cook various grains.  I thought that you might enjoy this reference also…

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