Starbucks' Gluten-Free Marshmallow Bars: A Nasty Rumor TAKE TWO

Previously, I had written about a nasty rumor I had heard regarding Starbucks' Gluten-Free Marshmallow Bars.  I am happy to report that, thus far, I haven't had a problem obtaining any!  Every time I go to a Starbucks, I ask for a bar...or ask if they have them.  No problems!  I haven't checked at the Target that told me they wouldn't be carrying them anymore, though.  I will do that in the near future and report back to you all!  One place I went to had the bars in new packaging, which may account for the fact that Target said they were being discontinued.

Cecelia's Gluten Free Grocery Guides: Last Call

One invaluable tool in this gluten-free journey is Cecelia's Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide.  While it is often possible to find information about the gluten-free status of various food items online, I personally find conflicting or incomplete information.  When I have had these guides in the past, I have found them to be a great tool! They've helped me navigate g-free products in unfamiliar stores. (We often shop at Wegmans, and they help us out by having a little "g" on all their name brand gluten-free products.  I'm spoiled!! I sometimes feel "lost" in other stores.)

Starbucks' Gluten-Free Marshmallow Bars: A Nasty Rumor

Image from Starbucks.comLast night at Target, my daughter asked if I wanted some coffee over at the Starbucks counter. Considering that it was after 8 P.M., I didn't really want any coffee. However, when we got to the counter, I figured out why she really wanted to go over there:  she wanted one of the Gluten-Free Marshmallow Dream Bars.

Gluten-Free Flour Blends have Transformed my Baking

I well remember the first few years that I was gluten-free.  What a struggle!  I felt better  so that was good. However, my entire "cooking/baking" world turned upside down. Suddenly, all of the recipes I had for doughs, breads, yummy desserts  tried and true  were suddenly off limits.

Luna Bars Now Gluten-Free

As probably a lot of you already know, Luna makes gluten-free Luna Protein bars.  However, I just recently ran across the following information which clearly shows that we can expect ALL Luna bars to be gluten-free:  "Big news!

Dunkin Donuts Fails to Deliver

I've adjusted to being gluten-free pretty well and don't miss too many food items anymore. There are so many substitutes out there now...or I've just learned to do without.  Being gluten-free has certainly limited my donut options, though.  Dunkin Donuts, in my opinion, has some really good donuts--none of which I can actually eat anymore.  Last year I was thrilled when I read that Dunkin Donuts was testing gluten-free blueberry muffins and gluten-free cinnamon sugar donuts.

Yes to Carrots Gluten-Free List

While there apparently is some debate over whether or not those with a gluten issue should avoid beauty products that contain gluten, I, in fact, am convinced that I need to avoid them.  First of all, it doesn't make any logical sense to use a lip product with gluten in it:  I chew my lips!  Also, to use a hand lotion with gluten in it, in my opinion, seems to be asking for a problem.

Gluten-Free Candy List for Halloween 2013

For those who are interested, there is a very thorough and up-to-date list of gluten-free seasonal candy over here on Sure Foods Living.



Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies

Life in Gluten-Free Land just keeps getting better and better:  we have more and more options becoming available to us.  Looks like gluten-free Girl Scout cookies are on the horizon also.  Check out this article!

Help for being "Glutened"

As careful as I am about not getting "glutened" (i.e. accidentally ingesting gluten), it does happen on occasion.  When it does, I feel miserable and am sick for several days.  That's why I was encouraged by this article that details what to do when glutened.  See this insightful article over here.


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