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Pizza Hut in Johnson City, NY is NOT Going Away

I panicked the other day when I drove past the Pizza Hut in Johnson City and saw that their sign said that they were open until November. I called them.  Apparently, they are moving into the space right beside Metro Mattress and ONLY doing take-out. (WHEW!) I couldn't get confirmation yet on whether they will still carry their gluten-free pizza.  I hope they will, as my son and I love their pizza.  I'll let you know if I find out anything else...

Gluten-Free Pizza Hut Pizza

Way to go, Pizza Hut!  Recently, Pizza Hut announced that many of its restaurants would be carrying gluten-free pizza as an option for those of us who can't have gluten.  

Fortunately, one of those Pizza Huts is located near us--in Johnson City right across from the Oakdale Mall.  

Things to like:

Udi's crust!

Wolfies is a Gluten-Free Dream Come True

In the heart of Endicott is a sweet little ice cream shop called Wolfies.  I had heard from a friend that they have gluten-free cones, so I decided to check it out!  Sure enough, they have a gluten-free cone option.  When I ordered, I looked to see how the server handled the cone.  I went several times and noticed that all of the servers were careful to wrap the cone in a napkin.  My son and I did not have any issues at all.  

Food and Fire in Johnson City, NY: A MUST GO!

Food and Fire in Johnson City is a great restaurant for anyone who cannot have gluten but still appreciates good food!  I went there tonight and was very impressed with...everything!  Our server was knowledgeable concerning gluten and also cross contamination issues. Not only was she able to tell me the gluten-free information, but she also knew it off the top of her head and didn't need to go check somewhere else while everyone in our party waited on me and my food issues (because, yes, that has happened to me in restaurants before...).

A Restaurant Experience: Friendly's

I haven't always been real daring when it comes to trying out new places to eat. With my gluten issues, it can be...kind of scary.  I would say that finally, after several years of eating gluten-free, I now feel more confident to try new places.  So, tonight, for the first time in about four years, I stepped foot inside a Friendly's.


Interesting Gluten-Free Option at the Movie Theater!

Yesterday the hubs and I had a date. (YAY!)  Before the babysitter came, I was scrambling around...getting everything ready.  Once we were on our date, I realized that I hadn't really had enough to eat for lunch since I was so busy beforehand.  Since we were going out to the movies, I figured I could grab something to eat...maybe not the most nutritious choice, but at least something gluten-free.

Yet Another Restaurant Offers Gluten Free Choices: The Cheesecake Factory

I saw this article today, and it made me very happy!  Click here to read about The Cheesecake Factory going g-free!

How to Eat Out--Gluten-Free Style

When I first went gluten-free, I was afraid that I would never be able to eat out again.  After all, I liked subs and chicken parmesan and Chinese food. The first time that I did eat out, I was really nervous about getting sick.  However, everything was fine:  I was happy, (my BELLY was happy!), and I had gained the confidence to go out to eat again.  When my son had to go gluten-free, I found that eating out was a bit more difficult since he liked pasta and rolls and bread.  He also wasn't as willing to adapt as I was.

P.F. Chang's in Syracuse, NY

Just some exciting local news, folks!  A brand new P.F. Chang's recently opened up at the new and improved Syracuse mall (now called Destiny USA).   Because P.F. Chang's is the ONLY Chinese restaurant I know that actually has a gluten-free menu, I'm pretty excited.  I'm dreaming of their lettuce wraps as I write this...YUM!  

Great Gluten-Free Options at Crepe Heaven in Binghamton


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