Kids, Social Events, and the Gluten-Free Issue

Because social events revolve around food, I've had to think through how to manage such events for my gluten-free son.  He's a typical kid and certainly doesn't want to feel left out. As an adult, I can obviously be more flexible and won't have a meltdown (at least EXTERNALLY...HA!) if there is nothing for me to eat at a party. Instead of frantically searching for appropriate (i.e."safe") items for any event we have at the last minute, I have a system in place.  

A Kinnikinnick Breakfast: The Amazing Disappearing Donuts

*The following blog post is a repost from my previous blog, gfreeinbing, and was originally posted in April of 2011.  Because I still love Kinnikinnick's products, I thought I'd share this review once again.

Thanks to the folks over at Kinnikinnick, I was sent a package with several items to review.  Before I talk specifically about some of their products, let me just say that Kinnikinnick is a wonderful company dedicated to bringing consumers foods free of many common allergens.

Chuck E. Cheese's in Vestal has Gluten-Free Options

I recently received an e-mail from Chuck E. Cheese's telling me about their gluten-free options.  Chuck E. Cheese's all over the United States are offering a personal size gluten-free cheese pizza and a gluten-free cupcake.  This is great news, as I can now take both of my kids to Chuck E. Cheese's to not only play but also to eat.  I called guest relations and also our local Chuck E. Cheese's to confirm that the Chuck E. Cheese's in Vestal does indeed have the gluten-free pizza and the gluten-free cupcakes.  My son is excited to try out these options.

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