Another Winner Made with a Gluten-Free Flour/Mix Substitute

Lately I've really been enjoying experimenting with the different one cup of this instead of one cup of wheat flour gluten-free flours on the market.  I also have been substituting gluten-free Bisquick for regular Bisquick in recipes, and it seems to be working out pretty well.


Gluten-Free Flour Blends have Transformed my Baking

I well remember the first few years that I was gluten-free.  What a struggle!  I felt better  so that was good. However, my entire "cooking/baking" world turned upside down. Suddenly, all of the recipes I had for doughs, breads, yummy desserts  tried and true  were suddenly off limits.

Some Gluten-Free Valentine's Day Dessert Ideas

Good Housekeeping has some great gluten-free dessert ideas for Valentine's Day. Check them out over here!


Gluten-free Peppermint Bark

Although Christmas is over, I still like peppermint type recipes during this time of year.  Here is a blog post I wrote for my old blog, G-free in Bing.  Enjoy:

This recipe is so ridiculously easy, it’s almost embarrassing to share it. ANYWAY, I got this recipe from a little booklet from Current a looooooooooooooooong time ago.  If you’re planning to make this and give it away as a gift, give it away quickly; you may be tempted to keep it for yourself!

White Peppermint Bark


Simple Gluten-Free Side Dish: Buckwheat Groats and Veggies

I love buckwheat for many reasons. For one, I honestly get tired of rice.  (Rice is in almost every single gluten-free substitute out there.)  Secondly, it's high in protein.  Also, it cooks pretty quickly.  So, tonight I made a new side dish for the first time, and it was a hit with everyone.  I will definitely be making this again.  I simply followed the instructions on the box of buckwheat groats to cook them.  I used broth (gluten-free vegetable broth) instead of water, and I tossed in a bunch of a garlic based spice combination that I like.

Free Allergen-Free Recipes Cookbook from Enjoy Life Foods

How exciting!  Go over here to download a free e-book which contains recipes free of the eight common allergens, courtesy of Enjoy Life Foods.  The book contains different recipes for breakfast, snacks, main meals, dessert...and contains some creative ideas for using Enjoy Life Foods' products in those recipes.  Enjoy!


September: Seasonal Produce Equals Great Gluten-Free Food

Sorry, all, that I haven't written too much.  I don't think I have it in me to be the "blogs several times a day" or even "blogs at least once every single day" type of blogger.  Family obligations keep me pretty busy!  So, I'm going to blog "when I can." For now, I just wanted to quickly write about how one of the BEST ways to eat gluten-free...and one of the absolute CHEAPEST ways to eat to eat what's in season!


Betty Crocker's Gluten-Free Ranger Cookies

A few weeks back, I needed to find a dessert recipe to bring to a social event.  While I definitely wanted to bring something gluten-free that I could eat, I also wanted something that would taste yummy to those who don't eat gluten-free on a regular basis.


Gluten-Free Strawberry Shortcake

Last week I had a grand time picking strawberries with my kids.


A Great (and Super Easy) Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

Recently I've been perusing the Internet to find new recipes to try.  Some have been great, and others have...well, flopped.

 Last week I tried a chicken recipe that was FANTASTIC.                                                                                                                                                



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