Starbucks' Gluten-Free Marshmallow Bars: A Nasty Rumor TAKE TWO

Previously, I had written about a nasty rumor I had heard regarding Starbucks' Gluten-Free Marshmallow Bars.  I am happy to report that, thus far, I haven't had a problem obtaining any!  Every time I go to a Starbucks, I ask for a bar...or ask if they have them.  No problems!  I haven't checked at the Target that told me they wouldn't be carrying them anymore, though.  I will do that in the near future and report back to you all!  One place I went to had the bars in new packaging, which may account for the fact that Target said they were being discontinued.

Product Alert: Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix (Gluten-Free)

Today when I was at Weis, I noticed that the Pillsbury Funfetti cake mixes are on sale:  two boxes for $4.  This is definitely a good price, and it's worth stocking up on these.  I had used this exact mix to make cupcakes for my kids for their birthdays recently. Additionally, I baked a cake with the mix tonight.  It's a beautiful mix that turns golden brown, has a great "not dense like other g-free products" texture, and tastes really good, too!

Product Alert: Gluten-Free French Fried Onions

Product Alert:  When I was at ALDI in Johnson City today, I saw these...and almost screamed! (HA...but, no, really...).  It looks like they are a Special Buy item, so get them while they can. A lot of times ALDI will use Special Buy items to gauge interest in a product before keeping it in stock on a regular basis. Well, I'm interested, and I hope they continue to sell these babies!

Pizza Hut in Johnson City, NY is NOT Going Away

I panicked the other day when I drove past the Pizza Hut in Johnson City and saw that their sign said that they were open until November. ACK...so I called them.  Apparently, they are moving into the space right beside Metro Mattress and ONLY doing take-out. (WHEW!) I couldn't get confirmation yet on whether they will still carry their gluten-free pizza.  I hope they will, as my son and I love their pizza.  I'll let you know if I find out anything else...

Starbucks' Gluten-Free Marshmallow Bars: A Nasty Rumor

Image from Starbucks.comLast night at Target, my daughter asked if I wanted some coffee over at the Starbucks counter. Considering that it was after 8 P.M., I didn't really want any coffee. However, when we got to the counter, I figured out why she really wanted to go over there:  she wanted one of the Gluten-Free Marshmallow Dream Bars.

Gluten-Free Pizza Hut Pizza

Way to go, Pizza Hut!  Recently, Pizza Hut announced that many of its restaurants would be carrying gluten-free pizza as an option for those of us who can't have gluten.  

Fortunately, one of those Pizza Huts is located near us--in Johnson City right across from the Oakdale Mall.  

Things to like:

Udi's crust!

Health Beat's Gluten-Free Sales for December 2014

Here are Health Beat's gluten-free sales for this month: 


A Gluten-free ALDI Shopping Experience

Before going gluten-free, ALDI was a great place to pick up some cheap products.  Then, we had to go gluten-free. As much as I loved ALDI's prices, ninety percent of their products were now off-limits.  Then, they experimented with some gluten-free products. To show my support (in the hopes that they would continue to market the products), I went out and stocked up.  After that, I didn't see the gluten-free products, so I didn't go out of my way to get to ALDI.  However, I recently heard that they were selling gluten-free products and were planning on having them be in stock regularly.


Wolfies is a Gluten-Free Dream Come True

In the heart of Endicott is a sweet little ice cream shop called Wolfies.  I had heard from a friend that they have gluten-free cones, so I decided to check it out!  Sure enough, they have a gluten-free cone option.  When I ordered, I looked to see how the server handled the cone.  I went several times and noticed that all of the servers were careful to wrap the cone in a napkin.  My son and I did not have any issues at all.  

Health Beat's Gluten-Free Sales for April

Here are Health Beat's Gluten-Free Sales for April:



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