Yes to Carrots Gluten-Free List

While there apparently is some debate over whether or not those with a gluten issue should avoid beauty products that contain gluten, I, in fact, am convinced that I need to avoid them.  First of all, it doesn't make any logical sense to use a lip product with gluten in it:  I chew my lips!  Also, to use a hand lotion with gluten in it, in my opinion, seems to be asking for a problem.

Interesting Gluten-Free Option at the Movie Theater!

Yesterday the hubs and I had a date. (YAY!)  Before the babysitter came, I was scrambling around...getting everything ready.  Once we were on our date, I realized that I hadn't really had enough to eat for lunch since I was so busy beforehand.  Since we were going out to the movies, I figured I could grab something to eat...maybe not the most nutritious choice, but at least something gluten-free.

The Birthday Sub (gluten-free version)

I recently celebrated my birthday.  My wonderful hubby asked me what he could make for my birthday dinner.  Well, I guess most people would say a steak, a chicken dish of some kind, some kind of Italian dish; etc. What did I say?  I said I wanted a SUB.  Why did I want a sub?  Well, I haven't had a sub for THREE YEARS. That's kind of silly considering that I could easily make my own.  However, sometimes I really get tired of making my own g-free substitutes (*whine, whine, whine).

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