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Article on Gluten Intolerance and Vitamin D Deficiency

Click here to read an informative and interesting article on gluten intolerance and vitamin D deficiency. 

Try Out GFree Connect

On a previous post, I mentioned the wonderful resource called G-Free Connect. Find out more about it over here.  I received an e-mail from them this morning that listed some of the great companies providing samples for the June care package (which will include THIRTY product samples...WOOT!).  Look at this GREAT list:


How to Eat Out--Gluten-Free Style

When I first went gluten-free, I was afraid that I would never be able to eat out again.  After all, I liked subs and chicken parmesan and Chinese food. The first time that I did eat out, I was really nervous about getting sick.  However, everything was fine:  I was happy, (my BELLY was happy!), and I had gained the confidence to go out to eat again.  When my son had to go gluten-free, I found that eating out was a bit more difficult since he liked pasta and rolls and bread.  He also wasn't as willing to adapt as I was.

Pillsbury Doughboy goes G-Free

Well, now here's some EXCITING news:  click here!

Gluten-Free Accommodating Colleges

Udi's published a blog post listing the top ten gluten-free accommodating colleges.  If you or someone you know are gluten-free and looking into college campuses, this list could come in handy.  The blog post gives specific information on how the various campuses help those who are gluten-free.  Click here to go see the blog post.

Health Beat's Gluten-Free Sales for May

Here are the gluten-free sale items for Health Beat for the month of May:  (There are some REALLY good deals this month!!!)


Use GFree Connect to Connect to New Foods

There are SO many gluten-free foods out there that I certainly don't have time to try them all.  (Sometimes I wish I did, though!)  I also can't keep up with knowing all the newest and greatest gluten-free products.  Honestly, it's easy for me to get stuck in a rut:  eating the same g-free foods all the time.  That's why I like the idea of samples.

The "Gluten-Free" Trend

Interesting blog post over on Glutino's site about how being gluten-free is just a trend for some...and how it affects how those of us with a real issue with gluten are viewed.  Check it out here!

Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms

WOW! Check out all these symptoms related to celiac disease and gluten sensitivity:  go here.


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