Health Beat's Gluten-Free Sales for July

Here are Health Beat's gluten-free sale items for the month of July:


Enjoying a G-Free Life with Enjoy Life's New Decadent Soft Baked Bars

Whenever Enjoy Life Foods asks me to review a product, I literally jump at the opportunity!  (Seriously, I probably scare all of their customer relations people with my overenthusiastic e-mail replies!) I have been impressed with their innovative ideas for a long time.  So, I was not surprised when their new Decadent Soft Baked Bars not only lived up to my high expectations, but totally surpassed them.


Health Beat's Gluten-Free Sales for June

Here are Health Beat's gluten-free sales items for the entire month of June:

A Great (and Super Easy) Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

Recently I've been perusing the Internet to find new recipes to try.  Some have been great, and others have...well, flopped.

 Last week I tried a chicken recipe that was FANTASTIC.                                                                                                                                                


Look What I Bought Today: The Gluten-Free Version

Okay, this looks like it's one of those "Hey, look at all the groceries I bought today...all on sale...with coupons...paid almost nothing" posts.  Well, it's NOT one of those posts.  Instead, it's a "OH, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!  I went to the grocery store today, and I actually DISCOVERED brand new food items that I can ACTUALLY have. I am SO excited!!" kind of a post.  I don't know about you, but I have actually had times that I've broken down in the grocery store...crying.  Yep, sad...but true.

Two Gluten-Free Muffin Recipes

Lately I've been trying to come up with some new items for us to eat for breakfast.  Because my son is diabetic (diagnosed three months ago), I'm trying to experiment with more protein based flours (like coconut flour or almond flour).  Pinterest and friends have been great resources for new recipes.  I tried two new muffin recipes just this past week.  One was banana oat and the other was banana coconut.  Unfortunately, I forgot to add the sweetener to the banana oat muffins.

My GFree Connect Care Package Came

Did you sign up for Gfree Connect?  If so, you've most likely been enjoying all of your goodies by now.  Look at all the fun stuff I got!!!

For more information on this great care package subscription, see my review.

Mega Love for Enjoy Life's Mega Chunks


Because Enjoy Life Foods recently contacted me about doing a review for them (stay tuned!!!), I thought it would be fun to post a review I did for them back in May of 2011 on my old blog.  ENJOY!


Some Yummy G-Free Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies

I was looking for some new ideas for breakfast recently, and I came across this recipe for Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies.  They were super easy to make, used ingredients that I already had on hand, and, most importantly, were a hit with the fam.  


Pamela's Bread

The first thing I discovered when I went gluten-free is that good gluten-free bread is hard to come by.  Although I have found some premade bread that I really like, nothing beats a homemade loaf of bread.



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