My Fabulous G-Free Lipstick Find

I used to love a certain brand of lipstick, which will go unnamed, simply because the colors were vibrant and the lipstick stayed on for a very long period of time.  Enter gluten.  UGH.  After finding out I had an issue with gluten, I had to rethink not only the food I ingested but also any beauty products I used that could accidently be ingested also. While I know this has been somewhat of a debate in the gluten-free community, it can't really be denied that lipstick is likely to be ingested.  So, I went on a quest to find a wonderful gluten-free lipstick. Although I eventually found something (that I had to order over the internet because store brand lipsticks weren't meeting my criteria for gluten-free, long-lasting, and with lots of choices for colors), but there were only three available colors.  Only one of them looked okay on me.  So, I wore the same exact lipstick...for years.

Then, one day I decided to do something I hadn't done for ages...twenty-three ages to be exact:  I auditioned for a play.  What fun!  Then, it hit me:  I needed to wear stage makeup. EEKKK...gluten issue again.  After some research (which including asking around on various gluten-free Facebook groups), I discovered Red Apple Lipstick.  My life will never be the same again!! What a great company!

So, first of all, I was able to order some samples to test out what colors would work well for my character (and ask the director for her approval) BEFORE investing in an entire tube of lipstick. Secondly, there were a plethora of colors from which to choose...YAY! Thirdly, during show week, I noticed that the lipstick stayed on. SCORE!!! Below is a picture of me in my role (Mother Gothel in Rapunzel--with such a great lipstick color:  Manhattan--highly recommended).The cutie beside me is my daughter...

Since the show, I've looked into buying more Red Apple Lipstick for regular, daily, off-stage life.  In exchange for a review, RAL sent me a handful of different samples.  I was very impressed with the color selection.  In all honesty, I could pick a color for different occasions, different moods, different outfits...really, a girl could get giddy with all of these choices. Get a load of some of the other great colors as seen in these samples on the right!

In addition to being impressed with the choices, I like that the lipstick stays on for several hours.  I'm even able to go out with friends for coffee and still have great looking colored lips afterwards!

Some other perks:  This makeup (which includes eyeshadow and mascara, too!) is definitely, undeniable safe. The company tests each batch for parabens, toxins, lead, and gluten.  In addition, RAL's makeup is GMO free and vegan. RAL is open about their ingredient list, too. You can find out their ingredients by clicking here.

One problem I had when first trying different brands of gluten-free lipstick was the dryness.  RAL has a solution for that:  a gluten-free source of vitamin E is added to their lipstick for moisture. Also, their Rallye balm is sure to solve any chapping issues you might have.  (Click here for more information.)

RAL makeup is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a money back guarantee.  If you don't like your lipstick (or other makeup purchased through them), you can get a full refund or exchange it for another product within 180 days (6 months).  And...the best perk:  you can always get coupons by signing up for their vip club: click here for vip club.


I've found a new lipstick that I love, and I'm so thankful that I won't be stuck with the same single color for years.  Thanks, Red Apple Lipstick!