Simple Mills: Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Although I am trying to eat healthier now, I still want something sweet to munch on occasionally.  So, I was really happy to see that Simple Mills has a chocolate chip cookie mix.  They were gracious enough to send me a box in exchange for an honest review.'s my honest review:  Um, I LOVE THEM!  OK, guess I should probably give you some more information that just that! wink First of all, these cookies are super easy to make.  If you can mix together eggs, vanilla, butter (or oil), and a mix, you can make these cookies.  Secondly, the texture is great--soft, not crumbly. Also, I just love the simple ingredients.  Instead of having a bunch of ingredients that I can't pronounce, this cookie mix contains almond flour, organic coconut sugar, chocolate chips, arrowroot powder, organic coconut flour, baking soda, and sea salt.  I love that each box of Simple Mills contains additional information about an ingredient. For example, the "Ingredient Spotlight" for this cookie mix was the coconut sugar. I had fun reading the interesting facts about this mineral-rich sugar.  In addition to having such great ingredients, these cookies are paleo-friendly, grain free, dairy free (use oil or a non-dairy butter), soy free, low carb, and do not contain any GMOs.  Score!   Lastly, well...they just taste delicious. These yummy cookies are a nice sweet treat that aren't overwhelmingly sweet and definitely satisfy my sweet tooth.  

 I like to involve other people in my taste testing when possible, so I thought long and hard about who would make a good cookie tester. about the best cookie connoisseurs around--kids!  I had my kids and two of their friends help me with taste testing.  These cookie connoisseurs had only good things to say about these chocolate chip cookies.  Here is what they had to say: 

"These cookies are GOOD!"

"Yeh, they are pretty good," commented Mr. Picky Eater.  Later:  "Yeh, these are actually DELICIOUS"


Later, my little taste testers begged for more.  Fortunately, I was able to (miraculously) save two for my hubby.  He also only had good things to say about these great cookies.


By the way, local folks, I checked at Wegmans, and our Wegmans does indeed carry Simple Mills mixes.  YES! (See picture below, which was taken at Wegmans.)

For more information about these cookies (and other great Simple Mills products), go here!