Perk Up with VitaPerk Nutrient Coffee Enhancer

I am so excited about this fun product that I discovered recently:  VitaPerk!  In my quest to be healthier, I really love the idea of adding vitamins to my coffee.  Personally, I am not a morning person and am rather groggy in the  morning (until I have my freshly brewed cup of coffee).  While I know I should take my vitamins, I have a hard time opening my eyes in the morning, let alone trying to swallow some vitamins.  So, the idea of merely dumping some nutrients into my coffee is very appealing to me.  

VitaPerk was nice enough to send me a generous amount of packets of VitaPerk in exchange for an honest review. They sent the following kinds:  energy, original, hazelnut, and vanilla.  For some reason or another, I expected the original to have a "powdered coffee creamer" kind of taste, but I was pleasantly surprised that it did not.  Although VitaPerk states that the original is flavorless, it did have a nice sweet taste when I tried it all by itself.  (To be honest, I liked the taste so much that I wanted to just eat the powder by itself!)  Once the powder was in my coffee, I couldn't really taste a major difference.  However, once I added creamer, it did seem to enhance the flavor some.  Next, I tried the hazelnut.  I found that two packets provided a lovely taste addition to my coffee. While subtle, there was definitely a difference in taste, and i was able to detect it even with my normal creamer.  I had a family friend try some of the hazelnut, too, and he said that he found that there was no taste difference right away, but there was after he let his coffee sit for awhile. Another friend who tried the vanilla for me said that she also didn't notice a taste change at all. The beauty of these packets is that more can be added to enhance flavor, if needed.  I think two packets seemed to work well in my large cup of coffee. I also liked that all of the packets dissolved easily. 

 I have to say that energy is my favorite.  Besides the fact that I just love the taste of coffee, I drink coffee for a little boost of caffeine stimulation; therefore, I love getting some extra natural "energy" in my morning joe. According to VitaPerk's website:  "Energy is our Original blend enhanced with an extra boost of B6 and B12 vitamins plus the benefit of guarana, a natural stimulant that has been used for centuries. We created this enhanced blend for those seeking an additional pick-me-up." I felt like I could tell a difference in my energy level when I added the packets to my coffee.  I know that my body tends to run low on the B vitamins and needs them, so getting them quickly and easily through a cup of coffee is fantastic.

Things to know:

According to information on their website, "VitaPerk’s vitamins and minerals have been independently tested at average coffee temperatures to ensure efficacy."  Also, VitaPerk is gluten-free and has only five calories per packet.  Each packets contains 15 vitamins and minerals.

"Smart your coffee" with VitaPerk.  Trying these great coffee enhancers is definitely a smart move.

Find more information (and watch a really cute video ad) over here!

(P.S. Stay tuned for a VitaPerk giveaway coming up on my blog in a few days!)