The Quest

Ever wonder...I mean really wonder...what your life would be like if you could have gluten?  I've wondered that in the past few months especially.  Sadly, I think I'd be skinnier. While I know some people have gone gluten-free to lose weight, that hasn't really worked for me.  I wish HAVING to be gluten-free automatically meant weight loss, but it doesn't.  As a matter of fact, I have gained weight since having to go gluten-free.  Because my gluten-free son is also a type 1 diabetic, we have to count his carbohydrates, and we've noticed that the gluten-free food he has to eat actually has more carbohydrates per serving than the glutenous counterparts.  Well, if you think about it, a lot of times the product replaces the wheat with potato, corn, white rice...starch, starch, starch.  So, although I might be eating the same types of food and the same amount as my gluten-eating friends, I'm actually shoving more carbohydrates down my cavernous gluten-free throat.

When I first went gluten-free, people felt sorry for me.  As a result, they went out of their way to make gluten-free food for me. Do you think they showed up at my door with gluten-free salads (sans well-missed croutons, of course)?  I was presented with all kinds of gluten-free brownies, cakes, cookies.  Because being gluten-free seems to go hand in hand with a "deprivation" mentality, I was thrilled.  Thirty pounds later...not so much.

Recently, I've read several books that implicate all grains as a cause for weight gain. One such book is Wheat Belly.  I think there is something to that theory, honestly.  Therefore, I've been experimenting with a grain-free diet. Although I definitely plan on having my children continue to eat some grains (kids are growing and still need those carbohydrates!), I'm planning on having them eat some of the grain-free items I will be eating.  When I made some almond flour based breakfast cake for my family's breakfast, I noticed that my son's blood sugar stayed extremely level. (He has a continuous glucose monitory that enables us to see what his blood sugar is doing at any given time...handy!)  If a nut-based flour does that for him, then, obviously, it does that for the rest of us, too.  That's exciting, actually!  Why wouldn't I want my blood sugar levels to stay steadier?  Being overweight, I'm definitely putting myself at risk for certain health issues--including ones involving blood sugar! (Please note that my son's type of diabetes is caused by an autoimmune reaction and has absolutely nothing to do with what he ate or didn't eat.)  I need to change that!  So, I'm on a quest:  I want to enjoy a simple gluten-free life, but I want a simple gluten-free life that promotes healthy living, a healthy weight, and healthy changes. Join me as I start on this new journey!


Stay Tuned...